Flower Vase Cake won GRAND PRIZE


In 1999, our then Partner took part in the Malaysian Cake Decoration Competition held at ITECS, International Trade Exhibition and Convention Centre,at Subang, State of Selangor, Malaysia, and won the GRAND PRIZE in the said competition.

The winning cake was a flower vase shaped cake designed, shaped and decorated on the spot within 2 hours. The judges comprised three internationally renowned judges from Taiwan and Malaysia.

A total of over 20 contestants from throughout Malaysia took part in this competition.


 The three judges, namely, Mr. Liu Rong Hwa from Taiwan;  Mr. Tan See Fong  and Mr. Michael Heng from Malaysia,  are renowned professionals in the baking industry with extensive experience spanning many decades.

Mr. Liu Rong Hwa is a famous baking master in Taiwan with an impressive record in the teaching,coaching and promoting of modern baking . He is author of many authoritative books on baking of cakes, bread,pastries and cookies. He is also consultant to many related organisations in both Taiwan and China.

Mr. Tan See Fong is a Malaysian baking expert who has made it to the international scene. Also author of many books on cake baking, decorating, and on bread making. To his credits are many accessories and gadgets for cake and bread making which are widely used by bakers locally and abroad.

Mr. Michael Heng is an experienced consultant in the Malaysian Baking industry. He has extensive involvement in the baking setup of local corporations.


 The winning cake is in the shape of a three dimensional flower vase, thus the name Flower Vase Cake.

The uniqueness of this cake is its curvature which is a top-side heavy design. Unlike traditional cakes which are always vertical sided, and thus easier to shape, the Flower Vase Cake has slanting and curving surfaces, making it difficult to shape unless from a skillful hand.

This is no wonder there were much grander and awe-aspiring cakes, from muli-layered wedding cakes, to artfully crafted fondant cakes, and many other beautiful cakes decorated with dragons, cartoon figures or candies, but they all pale in comparison to the complexility level of a masterpiece, as they all belong to vertical sided cakes.

After some meticulous judging, the judges awarded the GRAND PRIZE to this so called Flower Vase Cake.

Participants of Malaysia Cake Decoration Competition '99 at ITECS, Malaysia, 1999 

Prize Giving ceremony for the GRAND PRIZE in the competition 

Cake decoration demonstration at Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2000


Cake decoration demonstration at Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2000



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